What makes Honest Fox a great team to work with? Read on to learn what makes Honest Fox tick!

What We Do

We design and develop websites, e-commerce and apps for innovative, like-minded clients. We work closely with our clients to create intuitive and delightful web experiences that people actually enjoy using. We tackle all projects together, with input from our entire team.

Team Culture

We thrive on creative and purposeful projects which allow us to be innovative and collaborative. Our team is multi-cultural, mostly nerdy and always down-to-earth. We are actively building the best workplace culture in Melbourne for our people and puppies!

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Our Values

We believe in surrounding ourselves with great people and live by a few core beliefs. It's who we are, informs what we do and how we go about getting things done.


We’re direct and leave emotions at the door. We ask questions, listen well and give no bullshit answers.


We’re not afraid to pursue new ideas or opportunities. We are optimistic and the evolution of lessons learnt.


We’re kind, customer-centric and empathic. We believe that doing right by the customer, does right for the business.


We value innovation and growth. We're always working to be better and do better than the day before.


It's important to us that we surround ourselves with great people. No one has ever left Honest Fox!


We do things which are purposeful and fulfilling. We trust the process and seek enjoyment always!


We love creativity and exploring ideas and expectations that push the boundaries of convention.


No one has ever accused Honest Fox of over-promising and under-delivering. We take pride in our work!

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