November 2021

How to write an About Us Page SEO Title in 9 steps

by Jay Clair

If you are running a website that has an About Us page, then you should know how important it is to get the title right. Search engines love titles because they help bring people to your site. However, finding a good title for your About Us page can be incredibly difficult.

What does an About Us page do?

Your about us page is a very important page for your website because it provides vital information about you and the business that runs it, such as:

  • Company history
  • Founders/directors/investors
  • Location of the company’s headquarters or offices (particularly if it is a large company)
  • The nature of the company’s business (e.g. a tech startup, a restaurant) and its target market
  • The main product or service that your company offers to customers.
  • How to contact you.

What is a page title in SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is not just about creating a website that allows a user to search for information in an easy way. It is also how you write the title of the page that can make a huge difference in attracting viewers to your site.

The page title is probably the most important SEO title for us to use. You want to make it as enticing as possible so that people will want to click on the link to find out more. It also helps Google, Bing, and Yahoo to identify page content in their search results.

In a world where keywords are king, a page title is the most important factor that determines the position of your page on search engines.

How to write an About Us Page SEO Title in 9 steps

We have put together these steps to help you write an SEO page title that will make your business stand out from the crowd. Follow them for the best results:

Step 1: Give it a catchy title.

The page title is usually not more than 60 characters (including spaces), so do not waste them by using long, clunky words or a complete sentence. You need to use words that encourage people to click on your page. Instead of a lot of text, give your readers a short and sweet description of the business that you offer through your About Us page.

Remember that you are not writing your About Us page for search engines, you are writing it for your customers. They will use the information in your About Us page to find out more about you. The page title needs to appeal to them.

Step 2: Write an informative title

An informative title is one that describes exactly what is on the page and helps people to understand what it is all about. This will encourage people to click on the link and read the full page.

Step 3: Make it unique

Do not use too many keywords and phrases in the title. Instead, sprinkle them throughout your entry. It should be short (6-10 words maximum), catchy, and relevant to what is on the page. If you are using long-tail keywords, make sure they appear in your title with a number of capital letters.

Step 4: Use action words

Action words are excellent for generating interest in your page and encouraging traffic. They do not usually appear in the title, but they should be mentioned in the first sentence of the About Us page so that searchers know that they will need to click on your link to see what it is all about. However, make sure they are always used appropriately.

Step 5: Use a keyword

As we mentioned before, keywords are important for a title. They should be used as often as possible, but make sure they are relevant to the main topic of your About Us page. For example, if you are writing an entry about your company history you might use words such as “established” or “founded”. If you are writing about your team of employees, then you could use words like “manager” or “employee”.

Step 6: Look at the location of the page

The title of an About Us page should be short and sweet, but if it is long and full of keywords then your visitors will get tired of reading it. Look in the location bar on your browser to see how many characters are left in your page title. If it is less than 100, you can just use a short word or two.

Step 7: Don’t over-optimize

Google, Bing, and Yahoo all have sophisticated programs that can spot when a website is trying to manipulate search rankings through the use of keywords. If you try to use your keywords too often, it will backfire and do more damage than good. Go for relevance instead.

Step 8: Use keywords naturally

It is important to use natural, readable content on your About Us page. Make sure that you do not over-optimize or get carried away with stuffing keywords into your page title. Instead, weave your keywords into the text of the page naturally.

Step 9: Write a great page title and content

When writing a page title, be sure to write each word in capital letters. This allows search engines to make the right match and order your information when it is displayed in search engine results pages.

Your content is more important than just about anything else that you can do to your About Us page. It provides all the information that users need about your business, so make sure it is well-written.

What makes a good SEO page title

A good SEO page title is one that will attract traffic to your site by using keywords. However, if those keywords are used too often in your page title, you run the risk of attracting the attention of search engines and getting a low ranking on their results page.

Some SEO experts suggest that a good page title will contain between 25 to 40 keywords. The above examples, however, achieve their titles with around 20 keywords. This is because they are using long-tail (not exact) keywords instead of using numerous exact keyword phrases.

They should be used in such a way that the reader can understand what is on the page without looking at the title of the entry or any other context clues (e.g. images). It should encourage a click-through.

A good page title could be as short as 12 or 13 words and never longer than 30 or 40 words. If your title is longer, try to leave about 20 to 30 words for the main keywords that appear in it.

A good quality SEO page title will inspire people to click on the link and open up their web browser. That is why it is important to have a great About Us page with a great SEO title.


So, you have learned that a good SEO page title should contain keywords and be short. Google and other search engines are going to use this information when they see you’re About Us page. It will directly affect your conversion rate.

We hope that you have found this article useful in writing a better SEO page title and boosting the possible traffic that you can get from it. Remember that you are not writing your About Us page for search engines, you are writing it for your customers. They will use the information on your About Us page to find out more about you. The page title needs to appeal to them.

Jay Clair

Jay is a full stack marketer with a passion for business transformation through digital strategy. Understanding current frameworks and creating a better way forward is Jay's jam. He brings a loads of knowledge and experience to the team.

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