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Turning Paid Clicks Into Genuine Leads

by Clint McIntyre

Reaching key decision makers within an organisation is essential for any B2B marketer. You want their first impression of your company to stick and for you to be easily recalled as they move closer to purchasing.

However, understanding exactly how these key decision makers ‘shop’ for your product or service isn’t easy. Are your marketing activities falling down where you least expect it? Is there something missing from your current efforts? Are your competitors blowing you out of the water with a better online sales approach?

Our Client

Accountability offers a leading integrated time tracking, job management and financial system for marketing agencies. While their system is already being used in 25 countries, they knew there were more potential clients out there – especially large multi-office agencies – in need of their solution.

The Brief

Accountability was currently running a pay-per-click campaign through a leading software review website. The website was seen as a trusted source of information for key decision makers, such as CEOs, CFOs and CIOs.

Based on our research, we knew the software review site received a lot of traffic from around the globe. There was also strong competition among other software providers on the site.

The results of the client’s previous campaigns had yielded only a small number of quality leads via their Contact Form. They were getting the clicks, just failing to convert them. It was either switch off the campaign or investigate how it could be improved.

Our approach

Nobody likes paying for wasted clicks. We wanted to understand what wasn’t working and how we might be able to fix it. We identified three key areas that were leading to the drop in conversions.

1. Updating their current profile on the software website to better target marketing agencies – the software website includes a whole raft of project management tools for any type of business.

2. Creation of a new landing page which better reflected where users were coming from and continued the sales pitch. Removing navigation and increasing prominence of the contact area were also part of this.

3. Enhancing their Contact Form to include role type, location and company size so the client could tailor their follow-up email and also know who would manage the lead.

The Outcome

Accountability testimonial

For all of 2017 there were 23 contact form submissions at 1.18% conversion rate based on total clicks. Since launching Accountability’s new landing page 8 weeks ago, there has been 31 contact form submissions at 10.00% conversion rate.  

Some of these leads have already progressed beyond the demo stage and into implementation discussions.

“Not only did the number of leads increase, but also the quality,” said Michael Collinson, Accountability’s Sales Director.

“This means we’re not chasing tyre kickers and can focus more on agencies who are interested in our software. We understand there’s always a risk with pay-per-click campaigns, but so far the results working with Honest Fox have been fantastic.”

With a team spread across North American, Europe and Australia, the improvements have also allowed Accountability to better manage the lead flow based on their customer location - this has meant less double handling and more timely follow-ups.

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Born and raised in country VIC, Clint is energetic and down-to-earth. After 15 years of working in traditional print design, Clint co-founded Honest Fox, he brings creativity, big ideas and design thinking to the business.

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