We worked with yourcoffee to create a new brand identity, responsive web design and customer dashboard, with the aspiration to make great coffee more accessible.
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The brief

Our engagement with yourcoffee was to create a new brand identity, responsive website and customer dashboard.

The customer dashboard requirements included purchasing, financing and re-ordering specialty made coffee and equipment.

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Our goal was to make great coffee more accessible, in a city where really good coffee is abundant.

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Our approach

We worked with yourcoffee to shape how customers saw and interacted with their brand. We created a new, all-inclusive digital identity.

We designed and developed a fully automated purchasing and re-ordering system, allowing customers to complete and fulfill their orders at the click of a button.

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Unlike any other provider, honest fox can provide clear, proactive and successful solutions to web applications that make them the best point of call for any design or web-based project.

Trevor Simmons
Founder - yourcoffee

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The outcome

The smart and technically capable solution was built on Shopify and integrates with the Salesforce CRM to capture their inventory, customer sales and supply information.

Our solution is currently allowing yourcoffee customers to be more efficient in the management of their purchasing systems and is helping yourcoffee to emerge as an industry leader.