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What are HubSpot Integrations?

Integrations connect your software to another software, in this case HubSpot, which enables them to quickly and easily share data. An integration brings together disparate systems, so the data as a whole becomes a more comprehensive and connected.

6 reasons you need HubSpot Integrations:

  • Improve business processes and remove bottlenecks
  • Leverage cloud technology and minimise costs
  • Integrate throwback systems instead of creating costly replacements
  • Enable innovation and new digital assets
  • Informed business decisions through better insights
  • Improve adaptability in today’s rapid marketplace

Who needs Integrations?

Integrations are helpful for any business, within any industry, from start-up to enterprise. Integrations are suitable for any purpose.

If you sell software, you’ll find yourself creating integrations for your internal needs as well as those for your customers to use along with their own existing software. This is because no software (not even the biggest in the world) has every feature and functionality for customers to run their own businesses. Adding an integration enables your software to unlock added features and functions.

HubSpot to MYOB Integration Case Study

Honest Fox recently built an integration that connects HubSpot to MYOB. Quite simply, when a deal is marked as “won” in HubSpot the contact and all associated details to the deal are copied over to MYOB. 

The primary benefit of this integration is cost and time saving through automation, as well as error omission through automation.


So, what’s next?

Implementing a HubSpot Integration comes with a whole host of challenges. Overcoming these challenges, from budgets to deadlines and resourcing, can feel overwhelming.

However, with the right guidance and expertise, your Integration will be well worth the investment! 

Are you’re looking for a Melbourne digital partner that lives by design thinking and technical expertise, with the capability to design and implement Integrations? If so, please get in touch with Honest Fox.

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