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What is a digital marketing agency?

by Jay Clair

Digital marketing agencies can provide services such as web design, digital marketing campaigns and brand management to help improve the visibility of a business online. Using this agency can help businesses reach new customers, generate more sales and create an online presence.

A digital marketing agency is a company that provides professional services related to all facets of digital marketing. Digital marketing refers to any activity that involves technology-based communication channels used by companies to promote their products or services, or by advertising agencies for developing brands, strategies and creative content.

How digital marketing agencies improve the visibility of a business online

People/firms who provide digital marketing services can reach a larger audience with a heavier marketing budget. Digital marketing agencies promote the visibility of businesses online, but also show how to use digital marketing effectively in a business setting.

In an effort to provide clients with effective digital marketing services, agencies must understand the customers they are trying to reach and target their services accordingly.

Digital marketing agencies create an online presence for companies in order to improve their current brand awareness and drive sales, traffic and leads. Digital marketing campaigns can generate results such as:

  • Higher sales for a business
  • Greater brand awareness and recognition
  • Stronger customer loyalty and retention

Digital marketing agencies can test various digital marketing tactics in order to promote the visibility of businesses online, such as:

  • Website development and maintenance services - Web development and maintenance services typically include creating and designing a website, keeping it up-to-date and making sure that it is accessible to search engines.
  • Social media marketing services – Social media marketing services provide businesses with the ability to connect and communicate with potential customers and help them generate more sales or leads by using social networking sites
  • Email marketing – Email marketing services allow companies to quickly and easily reach a targeted market through email and can include: creating and designing interactive email content; writing the content; delivering it; tracking success, and taking care of customer service issues.
  • Search engine marketing – Using search engine optimisation, digital marketing agencies can increase the visibility of a business's website in search engines. Marketing that utilises search engine optimisation should provide relevant information that takes advantage of popular keywords.

What's the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing

The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that digital marketing agencies focus on utilising technology and technology-based communication channels to market businesses online.

Digital marketing agencies can test different digital marketing tactics in order to promote the visibility of businesses online, such as email marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

Whereas traditional marketing is focused on marketing a business through purchased and/or created publications/advertising aimed for an audience that is within the target market.

Traditional marketing is integrated, as the goal of traditional marketing is to achieve measurable results (such as sales, leads or brand awareness) using statistical data analysis.

Digital marketing agencies focus on the online marketing of businesses by using technology-based channels such as social media and search engines to promote brands and build a strong following.

Digital marketing agencies can create and build a strong online presence for a company through various digital marketing tactics and strategies.

What makes a good digital marketing agency

When choosing a digital marketing agency, it is important to take into account how well the agency understands the target market and what the company's business objectives are.

When picking a digital marketing agency, make sure that the firm has expertise in the field of digital marketing and understands the business objectives of the company. However, choosing a company because they have experience in an industry is not enough.

Digital marketing agencies should know the necessary digital marketing tactics that are being used these days by different businesses, as well as have experience with e-commerce. Being familiar with what is being done in the industry helps companies to maximise their online marketing efforts.

The agency you choose should be able to model your growth opportunity based on your target audience and produce a plan of attack which will help to effectively reach the target audience.

What impact has digital marketing had on the business?

The rise of the Internet and the mass adoption of smartphones has made it easier for people to connect and communicate. People can now stay connected in a way that enables them to receive information and update their knowledge at any time

Technology-based companies such as Google and Facebook have become popular and even more powerful than traditional media in providing information to their users in a simple, integrated environment.

Today easier than ever for any business to grow by finding their target audience online. The use of the Internet and social media has also led to changes in marketing and business strategy. Digital marketing agencies have a place in the industry that relies on the latest technology and service.

Businesses and companies that want to grow can use online platforms to reach their target audience. Online revenue is growing with 81% of small businesses that are starting up are looking into online advertising for their business, compared to 52% who are looking for offline advertising.

Digital marketing agencies have a place in the industry providing their clients with digital marketing services. These companies are specialised in various digital marketing tactics and use the latest technology to help businesses market themselves.

What are the benefits of hiring a digital agency?

Businesses that work with professional digital marketing agencies can save time, money, and effort by having their company's presence on the internet.

Businesses should take advantage of the various digital marketing opportunities that are available and find ways to get the company's business online. The use of digital marketing has helped many businesses to grow and promote themselves online and to increase their brand awareness and profits.

Digital marketing agencies help businesses create a strong online presence that enables them to reach their target audience in a simple way and increase brand awareness and sales. Businesses should take advantage of these services because it is easier than ever for any business to get their message out there.

Online marketing allows businesses to reach more potential customers. Digital marketing agencies help companies to get their brand out thereby providing them with services that are based on the latest technology.

Why choose Honest Fox Digital as your preferred digital marketing agency partner?

We are a successful digital marketing agency, specialists in developing and executing successful digital marketing strategies across a wide range of industries, from start-ups to established brands, with a core focus on using digital channels to grow revenue and enhance customer experience.

Our team of digital marketing experts have lived and breathed the digital marketing world for over 7 years. We understand the latest trends and technologies that you need to know for your business. You can rest assured that your business is in safe hands with us at Honest Fox Digital.

We are a results-focused agency, which means that we believe hard work and engagement is the foundation for any digital marketing campaign. Our Digital Marketing team understands that in order to achieve the best possible results through your online marketing, your online presence must be easily accessible and engaging. We invest our time and money into research to ensure we deliver no compromises when it comes to digital marketing solutions for you and your business.

Jay Clair

Jay is a full stack marketer with a passion for business transformation through digital strategy. Understanding current frameworks and creating a better way forward is Jay's jam. He brings a loads of knowledge and experience to the team.

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