Growth strategy

Growth strategy

Keep growing your business by organising teams to frame problems and identify new solutions to solve challenges quickly.

When can a growth strategy come in handy for you?

A growth strategy can be useful for your business in many different ways. Even with a good business plan and digital strategy in place, you still need to innovate to maintain competitive advantage.

Competing priorities and increased pressure on businesses to hit targets can make it hard to lift your head up from day to day operations. With a growth strategy, you can tackle new ideas within shorter time spans using a proven problem solving framework that gives your organisation confidence to proceed (or re-evaluate) new ventures.

What is a problem solving framework?

A problem solving framework is a series of steps that helps frame challenges and evaluate options for solving that challenge. This includes exploring opportunities and solutions, identifying potential obstacles and testing the idea to make sure you realise the project in the best way possible. With the right teams and information we can turn around these growth strategy workshops within 24 hours.

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How can Honest Fox help with your growth strategy?

When your business has a lot going on, we can be an extra set of hands to help you in your growth journey. The framework adopted from Ideo’s Designing Strategy team looks like this:

  • Problem definition: Getting clear oversight of the challenge in front of us.

  • Frame question: Defining the exact problem we are trying to solve.

  • Idea testing: Exploring possible solutions and potential barriers.

  • Idea validation: Proving the idea works and solves the original challenge.

  • Concept rollout: Showcasing outcomes to add to your business growth.

Our strategy team will help you validate new ideas quickly so you can continue to innovate as you grow your business.