Our Team

Dillon Bailey

Digital Director

Seizing the opportunity to lead a life of adventure Dillon made his way to Melbourne after graduating from the University of Notre Dame. Dillon is co-founder of honestfox and orchestrates the left brain.

Dillon loves all things analytical, logical, strategic and process-driven. He carefully poses the right questions to reverse engineer smart and uncompromising solutions.

Dillon brings the technical know-how to efficiently deliver useful, delightful and high performing outcomes which go above and beyond.

Clint McIntyre

Creative Director

Born and raised in country VIC, Clint is energetic and down-to-earth. Clint is co-founder of honestfox and orchestrates the right brain.

Clint understands the value of intuition, imagination and abstraction. He proposes ideas and creative outcomes which are unexpected but appropriate. His experience and expertise is expansive, allowing him to deliver design outcomes across many mediums.

Clint has the creative wisdom to design for great macro and micro experiences which are user-centric and fit for purpose.


Linda Bennett

Lead UI/UX designer

Diverting from a career in architecture, Linda brings valuable insights and expertise from designing for the physical realm. She uses her left and right brain in perfect harmony. 

Linda works closely with Clint and Dillon in roles which require her to be qualitative and quantitative. She works hard to accomplish outcomes which are equally creative and technical.

Linda is empathetic, caring and driven by creating great customer-first outcomes. Her solutions are practical and emotional, at scales which are both macro and micro.


Xavian Ang

Lead Developer

Xavian (aka Xavi) is our technical man on the tools. He speak the art of PHP and JavaScript, working in frameworks which exist beyond common knowledge. His right brain proficiency is pretty special.

Xavian works closely with the entire team to ensure a seamless transition from design to implementation. Xavian is a rare breed of developer who works on the fly with the designer and the client to improve outcomes.

Xavian ensures the right language, technology and framework is implemented for each project. He works hard to deliver efficient, considerate and tactful outcomes. 


Matt McLean

Content Strategist

For over a decade, Matt has been creating compelling content for both big and small clients across real estate, IT, finance, entertainment, consumer goods, education and health & fitness.

Matt is a passionate and empathetic communicator who believes in the power of the written word.

He brings to honestfox the perfect balance between the art of memorable copy and the science of effective SEO. He also makes a mean cup of tea (which he humbly mentions to the team every day).