CG Spectrum
5 phones with various screens from the CG Spectrum website

CG Spectrum

The online game design, VFX & animation school.











Customer value


The challenge

Our partnership with CG Spectrum started in 2018. Our engagement is always focused on how we can maximise growth through impactful, quick wins that keep on winning. Starting off with a good baseline that included a new site structure and content, redesign of the website, paid search and marketing automation, it was our combined goal to keep the momentum going over time.

“Since engaging with Honest Fox they have helped increase our sales by 355%. The team at Honest Fox are professional, efficient and extremely responsive. I can't recommend them enough. I consider Honest Fox a part of our team. From guidance to implementation and support, the business solutions that Honest Fox has executed have helped grow our business exponentially. You guys are amazing!”

Nick Fredin

CEO, CG Spectrum

A few highlights

A mobile and a desktop screen layout of the CG Spectrum website
CG Spectrum's old logo next their newer refreshed version
A panel of CG spectrums various design components

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What we did

With great results comes great responsibility! Champions don't slow down and they don't look back, so since our engagement we've been exploring strategic opportunities for CG Spectrum and breaking them down into short-term and long-term goals that we all work towards (and exceed!). Our key to convert leads into potential customers is to authentically know your audience – or in this case new students. So we updated the website for a stronger user experience, implemented effective SEO and managed the CMS to make it as straightforward as it comes for the growing team at CG Spectrum. Better page speed, simpler content management and increased performance are just a few outcomes to efforts.

We also thoroughly looked at the industry and gained a better, deeper understanding about the customer's journey in this category. Learning about the future of jobs in film and games and how we can support the existing student experience as well as new audiences and interests and to connect them with CG Spectrum's offering. Our achievements speak for themselves.