CG Spectrum – Know your audience

CG Spectrum – Know your audience

The online game design, VFX & animation school.






Customer value

The challenge

Our partnership with CG Spectrum started in 2018. Our engagement is always focused on how we can maximise growth through impactful, quick wins that keep on winning. Starting off with a good baseline that included a new site structure and content, redesign of the website, paid search and marketing automation, it was our combined goal to keep the momentum going over time.

“Since engaging with Honest Fox they have helped increase our sales by 355%. The team at Honest Fox are professional, efficient and extremely responsive. I can't recommend them enough. I consider Honest Fox a part of our team. From guidance to implementation and support, the business solutions that Honest Fox has executed have helped grow our business exponentially. You guys are amazing!”
Nick Fredin

Co-Founder, CG Spectrum

A few highlights

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What we did

With great results comes great responsibility! Champions don’t slow down and they don’t look back, so since our engagement we’ve been exploring strategic opportunities for CG Spectrum and breaking them down into short-term and long-term goals that we all work towards (and exceed!). 

Audience research

Our key to convert leads into potential customers is to authentically know your audience – or in this case new students. In order to help enrolment numbers continue to grow, we needed to gain deeper insights about how we can support the existing student experience as well as new audiences to connect them with CG Spectrum’s offering.

We used quantitative and qualitative investigation methods to complete a piece of audience research which included interviewing participants in North America, Europe and Australia. The insights then formed the basis to develop customer journey maps and personas that built a clear growth strategy for CG Spectrum.

This allowed us to identify a set of new or updated product and service offerings that better meet audience needs and also show what current customers already value the most to enhance their experience.


CG Spectrum has great entertaining career-focused content they share with their audience to learn more about their courses. Including a podcast and webinars that are regularly posted, we built specific pages these platforms can live on and added integrations, e.g. for Zoom, that make it easier to update and use the content. 

Besides applying our mobile-first approach, we knew that the audience is made up of many students that learn online and use their smartphones a lot, so it was very important to make the website more mobile-friendly. We managed to improve the experience by creating a 99% mobile-friendly score.

Using HubSpot for the content management system, it not only allowed the internal teams to update regular content on their own, e.g. blog articles, it’s also a platform that offers useful features such as adding marketing automations, reviewing extensive analytics and setting up testing.

SEO and content

We implemented an effective SEO and content strategy that focused on the blog section of the website after auditing the existing content. Updating current content was the first step while doing thorough research on new blog articles that are relevant to CG Spectrum’s courses and the games and film industry. We aimed to create a minimum of eight articles per month that cover specific themes, keywords and SEO best practices to help with top of funnel marketing and connected articles as part of a topic cluster.

As part of the SEO strategy, we also looked at meta descriptions and made improvements across the website. Other practices included updating the header structure in both design and content that support crawling and help with website ranking, checking for broken links and adding more internal links to connect the great content in different places on the site.

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