Powershop – Building a powerful partnership
Powershop's mascot 'winky' and their logo on a mobile phone screen

Powershop – Building a powerful partnership

Australia’s award-winning energy retailer with market-leading technology.






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The challenge

Our engagement with Powershop goes all the way back to 2017 and our partnership is still going strong. The task at hand: being in charge of delivering full-stack digital services all under one roof. Required services included technical direction, digital design and specification, development and implementation, as well as training and technical support and maintenance. 

Throughout the years we helped Powershop transform their digital presence, whilst aspiring to disrupt the electricity industry in Australia.

“The Fox family has been there with Powershop withstanding many storms. They’ve helped us through transition of responsibilities with a digitally seamless move from Meridian to Shell Energy and the synergy has only improved. The digital product advancements we’ve been able to achieve in the past 6 months have added so much value to the business. Always a pleasure to work with a reliable team!”
Nupur Dhingra

Digital Product Manager, Powershop

A few highlights

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What we did

Being Powershop’s technology partner, we see ourselves as an extension of their team. This allows dedicated Honest Fox team members to take on requests in their relevant expertise and bring together all of their industry knowledge to find the right solutions. Since we have been part of this partnership for many years, we also know about their historic challenges and how to tackle every effort with more and more efficiency.

We gained a deep understanding of the energy industry and its regulations for each state or territory which allowed us to build an experience that works for individual locations and website visitors that come from various locations across Australia. For example, based on the visitor’s postcode, you find distributed plans and pricings that are available in your area. We also made sure that the content shown reflects the state-specific requirements and that Powershop’s services are showcased most effectively. 

Powershop has many campaigns in the pipeline and we redesigned the landing pages (e.g. You Have Power) to give individual design recommendations and content flexibility based on the unique campaign goals. We also created new modules and design guidelines. In addition, we updated the digital style guide and modified the navigation to adapt to evolving business and customer needs. 

As an award-winning energy retailer, we want to enhance the Powershop experience to its full potential as we stay ahead of increasing cybersecurity, data protection and overall website health needs. In addition, we’re always keeping an eye on what can be optimised, including: designing a refined user journey, customising campaign pages, making SEO improvements, developing new website templates, restructuring content, building better sign up processes and prioritising accessibility.

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