An all-in-one dealership management solution.






The challenge

Revolution was looking to reposition its brand in the market to focus on a better customer experience for clients. The brief followed a clear objective to create a new website presence and brand design to showcase the all-in-one dealership management system and its full capabilities.

A few highlights

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What we did

We completely transformed the existing static site to a website experience that brings value to customers and is worthy of the new brand direction – unstoppable together. We approached this from three different angles.

Branding: To unify Revolution’s digital touchpoints under one brand experience, we planned out the website to easily be optimised and to be able to grow alongside the business’ needs. We started with suggesting a new look that expresses a modern and high-quality feel.

Growth: Revolution helps customers to grow their business with its flexible dealer management solution. So first, we needed to help Revolution to grow their own presence. We implemented a new brand design to reflect Revolution’s strong people-powered business. That meant to also rewrite the content and to showcase the all-in-one solution in every detail. We wanted to bring out Revolution’s leading and exciting offering and present it in a professional, yet dynamic outlook – emphasising “unstoppable together”. 

Support: With the Contentful integration, an optimised functional website and refreshed branding in place, we built a digital business showfront that helps Revolution leverage the consulting of trusted partners, customers and internal stakeholders. 

We purposefully chose the Jamstack approach with Contentful to design a flexible, more secure and easier-to-manage experience that is set up for any future business activities. Contentful is a headless CMS which means the web experience layer is decoupled from the back-end layer. This helps Revolution to be adaptable with their content, being able to scale the content across other platforms and improve, update and maintain the performance easily.

Jamstack also allowed us to host the website in a serverless-first approach, which provides wider availability via a global CDN and higher scalability. Plus: going serverless saves much more time that would normally be spent on having to manage traditional servers and instead makes room to focus the efforts on other aspects of the project.

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