Collect and unify first-party data with a customer data platform.

What is a customer data platform (CDP)?

In simple terms, a customer data platform collects the data from multiple relevant sources and softwares to translate it into one centralised customer profile. 

With a customer data platform, you unlock a single view of the customer – including all digital touchpoints with your brand – and can access individual customer analytics in one place. You can then use this data to implement in other marketing systems and improve decision-making for your business activities.

Unlike a customer relationship management system (CRM), which manages the data around (sales) interactions with your customer (calls, emails, etc.), a customer data platform focuses on managing the customer data that shows the customer behaviour and engagement with your brand across all digital touchpoints.

Want to start using a CDP today?

Why is a customer data platform important in marketing?

A customer data platform provides the opportunity to organise, structure and synthesise data that is otherwise floating around in disconnected systems. 

Gain a better understanding of your consumer analytics which can help you with segmented marketing, allowing you to reach more specific audience profiles, e.g. for personalised marketing campaigns.

Keep greater control over your customer data collection, create more customer-focused marketing or discover new ways to retain your customers with CDP marketing.

Who needs a customer data platform?

A customer data platform collects data from different points of contact, including your website, email, mobile apps, data lakes and more, whenever a customer interacts with your digital business presence. 

The platform takes the data and transforms it into an easily understandable unified profile. Being able to understand the unique consumer behaviour, user journeys and interactions form valuable insights for any next steps in your business. 

You can benefit from a customer data platform if you want to change your channel strategy, implement a quality marketing technology structure or simply to get a better data-driven overview of your audience. Got more questions? We are happy to explore how a customer data platform can benefit your business.