Honest Fox is an experience design and performance marketing consultancy that makes digital experiences work harder. In a world where everything feels the same, we champion difference.

Who we are

Founded in 2016 by Dillon Bailey and Clint McIntyre, Honest Fox started out as a small print and digital agency, but has since grown into a larger digital consultancy. Together, we think, design, develop and create in our office (we like to call it the den) which is located in Cremorne, Melbourne.

We create digital experiences that deliver more than just good looks. Our services are streamlined and follow four pillars – strategy, design, technology and marketing. Whether you're looking for advice, a new website or the skills to bring your idea alive – we love a good challenge.

Why we exist

Honest Fox builds honest and reliable partnerships with our clients that are stronger than that first coffee in the morning. We strive to play a big part in your business journey, make an impact and watch the growth unfold in front of us.

We choose to work with challenger brands helping them go from okay to great. You don't need to be number 1, we can help you get there. Easy selling points are not our style, we'd rather look at the bigger picture and identify where your business opportunities are sitting to tackle those. We are an authentic bunch and making communication feel easy is always on our agenda. If you are fighting the good fight and need support, call us and we're your team.

Our values

We like to surround ourselves with great people and become better versions of ourselves. Everything we touch is done with a purpose and our core beliefs attached to it.

Honesty – Let's be real

We always live by the truth – it's in our name and we mean it. We acknowledge when we've aced it as well as find approaches for when we could have done better.

Dedication – Let's make an impact

Happy clients, happy team, happy days! We are serious about taking businesses to the next step – and growing alongside them.

Support – Let's achieve it together

Experience, knowledge and skills – we bring it all and generously share it. We play to everyone's strengths and back up where backup is needed. Professionally and personally.

Trust – Let's believe in what's (im)possible

Trust the process, trust the team. We don't do halves, we do whole packages. And we are always looking for fresh ways to deliver solutions that make a difference.

What we do

Short answer: a lot of great-looking-and-effective things!

Whatever we do, we do it together. Our team is made up of digital superstars who have a great deal of experience, skills and motivation up their sleeves. Always on the lookout for new things to try, we make it a point to deliver effective experiences.

Dive deeper into our services and explore what we can do for you.