Honest Fox delivers experiences for challenger brands across many different industries. Here’s our sector snapshot.

Public sector

From flexible content management systems and improved user experiences to enhanced data protection – public sectors need to meet more and more demands from the communities they support. Making an impact, especially related to health and education, is important to us.

We want our work to transform the government landscape with lasting, flexible and easy-to-understand digital services. At Honest Fox, we consider experience design through multiple lenses, including the broader strategies, services and experiences that digital solutions need to facilitate and how these are communicated to various audiences and stakeholders. Our methods take an inclusive design and technology agnostic approach that supports finding realistic solutions. 

Some clients we helped with similar challenges are: CG Spectrum, National Asthma Council, Inclusive Australia, Deakin University Student Association (DUSA).


Disrupting the energy industry includes a transition to renewable resources and unlocking new opportunities for people to invest in a more sustainable economy. While we have our own environmental agenda, we also want to play our part through our clients.

Our long-term engagement with Australia’s award-winning energy retailer Powershop means to implement market-leading technology to help lead the market in clean energy solutions. We developed a powerful design, robust website, strong SEO strategy and sensible user experience that lets customers choose, track and control the way they use and view energy on their own.


Loans, banking or investments – financial services businesses require transparent, secure and trustworthy solutions that meet their customers’ expectations.

Coming from a tech and design-heavy background, our team knows how to implement data-driven solutions that are human centred and focus on the audience. Using our extensive knowledge in User Experience design, Customer Experience and User Interface design allows us to create enjoyable and reliable experiences for high-profile projects. Seeing ourselves as an extension of our clients’ teams, we also support internal groups to manage tools and keep up with emerging technologies.

Find a few of our financial services clients: Liberty Financial, 2Be, OneTwo, SecurePay.


With a booming population, growing transport technology and smarter infrastructure, the automotive industry is naturally adapting and innovating all the time. As an agency, we drive success to companies in a highly competitive market.

We use the power and reach of multiple paid media channels including Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads. Through this, we were able to increase the number of qualified leads by over 50% and reduce the cost per engagement by 40% within several months. Not only did this include remarketing to people already familiar with our clients brand, but significant top of funnel activity to increase brand awareness and website activity from new potential customers. 

With extensive knowledge of various campaigns types and tools within Google Ads, Youtube and Meta Ads, our team is well-placed strategically to maximise results. We tested and deployed tools that were never used previously and were able to weave them into ongoing monthly business-as-usual campaigns. They are now a critical part of our client's lead generation marketing strategy success.

Our Revolution case study shows how Honest Fox transformed their website presence giving better value to customers with a new brand design, quality content, easier-to-manage headless CMS and a greater experience.  

Other automotive clients we supported include SsangYong and AutoFlip.


Being the 11th largest ecommerce industry worldwide and growing rapidly, the Australian ecommerce market is taking over online, mobile, domestic and cross-border – creating lots of opportunities for us to bring and apply our expertise.

Our team has a great combined experience of working with ecommerce brands. We know the intricacies involved in setting up accurate tracking measures, leveraging ecommerce specific campaigns (Google Shopping, Search, Meta Catalogues), implementing full-funnel targeting, understanding attribution models, reviewing customer journey flows, implementing email marketing automation and building cohesive reporting dashboards that work together to deliver powerful ROI and results for clients.

Speaking of achievements, one client reached a 13% conversion rate increase and doubled their revenue with our help.

Meet a selection of our ecommerce clients: Hard Yakka, KingGee, NNT Workwear Group, Buy Contacts Online.

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