Get on board with a content management system that covers more than the essentials and gives you the tools to customise your content.

What is Craft CMS?

Craft is a trusted content management system with a user-friendly interface and customisable features that is used by top global brands.

It offers flexible content modelling meaning you get to choose custom content types, fields and relations as needed for your preferred content setup.

What are the benefits of using Craft CMS?

One of the key elements of this content management system is that it is affordable while offering a great selection of features for designers and developers to create a unique website experience for your business.

For developers, Craft CMS allows you to build exactly what you need without the overheads of default features. Craft CMS also provides a hybrid solution that allows you to run as a headless or traditional CMS. While there are templates in the back end, the front end is a developers’ playground. 

Craft CMS has a comprehensive plugin library that can speed up development of some of the most common website requirements, such as SEO, form builders, localisation and security.

If you have more people in charge of content management for different areas of your website, you can set separate permissions for user groups or individuals who each get their own customisable dashboard to manage content specific to their business unit.

With Craft CMS, you can update your content through an easy control panel and check what your changes look like in the live preview. Craft places a big focus around your content and to give more flexibility with content creation, for example building versatile forms with a form builder plugin that are specific to your project.

Supporting ecommerce businesses, Craft CMS offers Craft Commerce with a whole suite of features to create a tailored user experience for your customers. From shipping methods, checkout flows, pricing and coupon codes to specific order information – manage all custom settings in one content management system.

In need of a new reliable, user-friendly CMS?

So, how to know whether Craft CMS is for you?

Sometimes all you might be looking for is a reliable CMS that does exactly what you need without any extra elements that you won’t make use of. Craft CMS focuses on keeping content management simple and user-friendly.

Whether you are a small company or a big enterprise, this content management system is a good solution for many businesses who are looking for a flexible platform, key features or integrations and an overall affordable option.

If you want to gain a better oversight of all the features available with Craft CMS and need a technology partner with the right experience, Honest Fox has implemented Craft CMS for a number of clients – get in touch if you want to be next.

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