CMS development

CMS development

Find a content management system that helps you scale, manage, update and publish your content more efficiently.


Why do you need a content management system (CMS)?

From images and texts to files, icons or videos – easily update and control your website content with a content management system. A CMS is useful for small and large businesses and it can be accessed remotely – from anywhere with an internet connection – making it easy to collaborate across various teams. It helps you to make changes quickly and keep your content organised and user-friendly, create special campaign pages or keep your website up to date beyond the day it launched. 

Headless CMS vs. traditional CMS – which one is better?

We are definitely Team Headless! However, as with so many things in life, there isn’t just one solution for everyone. Headless CMS solutions have many benefits though that make it a more future-proof option for many businesses today. 

It’s a more flexible and scalable software solution because the front-end and back-end layers are detached from each other, meaning you have a much greater flexibility about your content and the amount of channels you can publish it on, as well as making content updates that transfer across all platforms in one go. A traditional CMS offers a single solution to have both the content and front-end layers in one system. We can recommend which one to go with once we get to know you and your business objectives better.

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How can Honest Fox support CMS development?

Our development team works closely with the entire project team to build efficient and well-architected content management systems. We pride ourselves on planning and implementing content management systems that maximise content management experience for your content and marketing teams to write and publish content with ease. 

Crafting the best content management experience is about building the right amount of flexibility, while not over-complicating the publishing process. We also work hard to identify any opportunities to integrate and publish content from other platforms, such as Salesforce.

A final and most important step in our CMS development process is the production of short training videos that allow not only current, but future team members to easily learn what’s possible and how to manage content.

We nailed down our proven and preferred content management systems to work with – but are not limited to these: