Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation

Discover our CRO program to effectively engage your customers.


Why is CRO so important?

Most businesses align their efforts towards one common goal: conversion. Sales, sign-ups or registrations – CRO is a process that works towards increasing the percentage of users on a website who convert. Your website should have a clear user-centric focus to create an effortless and transparent experience with the best chances of conversion. 

With CRO in place, you can lower your customer acquisition costs by getting more value from your existing on-site users. The process removes friction by making it easy for users to navigate, builds trust by neutralising anxieties and motivates users to convert based on their confidence in your business’ offering. 

Optimising the conversion rate of your website is important for both users and business growth, it increases revenue per visitor and helps streamline your efforts for measurable, high-impact results.

How does the CRO process work?

Optimising conversion rate is a process that requires testing and learning. From experience, we like to break the process down into three steps: 

  • Evaluate current state: The first step is to evaluate your current platform and to understand the business KPIs. We review market analysis, data and current challenges. It’s about establishing the most valuable audiences, what is known about them and their context. 

  • Agree what needs to be done: Next up, review the opportunities and how you are going to tackle them, including how to maximise the experience for your audience. Define the roadmap, highest priorities, what needs to be done first, how success will be measured and which tools and techniques are going to be used and implemented.

  • Make, test, report, repeat: This is where the real action happens. We design and implement tests, measure and observe your users behaviours, roll out winners and test again. Through this process we pinpoint and minimise the pain points causing your audience to disengage, as well as gathering and carefully interpreting user data to make impactful, ongoing CRO recommendations.

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What is the Honest Fox CRO program and how can we help you?

Starting a CRO process is a big deal – it’s also a structured and scientific process that takes time and is ongoing. The Honest Fox CRO program takes care of the workload and puts it in the hands of our specialists.

Based on best practice, our Customer experience experts have created a conversion test and learning program that focuses on improving page layout, structure, content, forms and call to actions (CTAs) that will guide more users towards taking the actions you want them to undertake. 

Here’s what to expect from the program: 

  • Define and align: The first month is all about scoping your existing state, including reporting, analytics, content, accessibility and usability. We like to perform user interviews or surveys as well as conducting additional research and workshops to get a complete picture. We also review market analysis and data to develop the proto-personas and user flows that will guide us.

  • Plan and prioritise: During the second month, we recommend the right tools, define our hypotheses and generate ideas based on priorities. Our team then creates the testing plan and reporting framework for benchmarking and smashing goals. 

  • Design, build, test: This occurs ongoing in cycles as defined in the testing plan (usually 3-5 tests each month). We will design and execute the tests. We then track results through heat mapping, screen recordings, A/B or multivariate testing and user testing.We do ongoing reporting, updates and recommendations throughout the process, making continuous improvements toward a better conversion rate. 

We recommend sticking to this process for at least 3 months, but great companies have been doing this for years. it’s all about gaining understanding and traction that you build upon ongoing.