Performance marketing

Performance marketing

Reach your audience with effective content and optimise your campaigns through measurable goals and data-driven insights.


What types of performance marketing does Honest Fox offer?

We are lucky to have some fantastic paid performance specialists in our team who have extensive experience with a variety of digital advertising platforms across a diverse set of industries. This includes:

  • Paid Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

  • Display advertising 

  • Native advertising

  • Programmatic advertising

  • Performance marketing strategy

How is Honest Fox helping with your performance?

Our specialists will deliver a unique performance marketing strategy to align with your business goals. In order to understand the full picture, we will map out your current digital footprint and identify areas to grow and scale visibility for your business. And also: to invest your budget wisely. Having dedicated team members set up for each campaign allows us to check in on the goals and results regularly and make adaptations on trends immediately. They are also in charge of reporting and implementing the right tools that will support our work and your outcomes in the long run.

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Is it worth investing in performance marketing?

Our take on it? Yes – and here’s why. It’s a great way to grab the attention of a more targeted audience through various platforms who oftentimes are harder to reach organically (depending on your business offering). Investing in performance marketing increases your potential of converting your customers in a transparent, cost-effective form and allows you to better understand your audience behaviour too. But it’s not only about selling, you can also engage with your audience through interactive ads and increase your brand awareness.

How do you measure performance success at Honest Fox?

Before we dive into tracking reports and analytics, it’s key to define what counts as successful ahead of any collaboration. What is your goal? What do you want to achieve with these performance activities? Are your metrics clearly measurable? Return on investment (ROI) and Lifetime Value (LTV) also play a part. 

We think it’s essential to set up the right reporting structure to measure performance accurately – it’s not just any data we’re after, it’s the relevant kind of data. From here, we aim to adapt every paid activity towards the agreed KPIs and observe the metrics, statistics and conversions regularly to optimise and improve the performance early on.