SEO and content

SEO and content

Our SEO and content writing specialists create content that connects with your audience and elevates your website performance and visibility.


SEO at Honest Fox, how does it work?

First, we want to get to know you! Every business that comes through our (sometimes virtual) door is unique in its own way. At Honest Fox, we like to start every client project with a thorough audit to understand the current positioning, problem areas and opportunities which helps us to craft an effective organic growth strategy

Our SEO audits involve:

  • Internal architecture audit

  • Identification of orphaned pages

  • Identification of redirect loops

  • Broken link audit

  • Content audit

  • Technical audit

  • Visual audit

Our SEO approach targets your audience and the relevant customers for your business to increase your actual conversion rate potential. The aim: to make your online presence more visible and attractive and help more quality customers choose your business offering. But we are not promising one-time success – in order to keep up consistent results, SEO is an ongoing process that involves regular auditing, monitoring and improving.

How important is content for SEO?

Content and SEO are closely connected. Doing it right can take you much further in your business journey. Publishing purposeful content helps to build keyword profiles and focuses on the interests of your audience with the aim to make your business offerings more prominent on search. Quality content attracts quality backlinks – and other websites with great reputation are more likely to feature you. This positively adds to your own website’s reputation and typically results in organic traffic growth.

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In what ways can we help produce content for your site?

We specialise in website content creation and content article production (e.g. media releases and blogs). However, our content writing team can also support other parts of content marketing, for example brand language or tone of voice maintenance, performance advertising copy or proofreading. With every content piece we create, we study your customers and how best to speak to them in your brand language. 

If you already have an in-house content team, we are here to support with content reviews, content calendars or writing detailed content briefs for your copywriters to pick up from. 

How do we help your content rank?

The recipe for great performing content is a combination of a few things. By optimising content, page speed and on-site SEO we make sure to maintain a “healthy” website that acts as a foundation for good performance. We then add well-written and audience-focused content that covers highly-searched topics to successfully increase your rankings.

What’s our content strategy at Honest Fox?

Research, research, research. After performing a thorough SEO and content audit, we also analyse the competition and close any keyword gaps. It’s important to gain an overview of possibilities to make decisions that will support our clients. Creating user-friendly and engaging content is key. We like to start with optimising existing content and finding new content to incorporate into topic clusters which help with traffic flow and engagement. 

During this process, we naturally consider the user journey and UX design best practices as well. The user is always at the centre of any of our efforts. Good content speaks directly to your audience and should lead your customers intuitively towards the next relevant conversion – including to sign up, get in touch or buy – which support your business objectives.

Our content strategies are developed for long-term success, to make a significant impact on your rankings and to create a solid SEO foundation. Our team focuses on generating results that last but we also take best practices to heart to shape some quick wins too.