Technology leadership

Technology leadership

Stay on top of the latest developments and explore which technologies and innovations can be valuable for your business.


Do you know what your technology landscape looks like?

It is essential to understand your individual technology landscape if you want your business to work as seamlessly as possible, include less tech-savvy team members and focus on your services efficiently.

Evaluating your current tools, systems and integrations should be a regular task on your to-do list. You might have some areas of improvement that technology could solve but don’t know how and where to start. Updating your tech stack often gets pushed back leading to frustration and sometimes even staying behind your competitors. 

New technologies within so many industries emerge all the time – it’s easy to lose track of the ones that can actually make a difference to your business and don’t just add onto your budget. At Honest Fox, we are taking a look at the overall picture and how to best help you find the right technology to implement that actually supports your team and business objectives.

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Can Honest Fox help identify technology gaps?

Technology is a huge part of our expertise at Honest Fox. We have very knowledgeable developers in our team and our leadership also comes from a tech background, knowing first-hand the challenges businesses are facing in an ever-growing tech landscape.

We explore your existing tech setup using solution architecture. It allows us to analyse your technology environment and set a collaborative framework to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement. We look at the automations, integrations, processes and tools in place and how they perform against your KPIs, if they are flexible and whether they are long lasting solutions. Our approach is: How does the tech structure hold up from start to finish of every interaction? 

How can Honest Fox update the tech stack?

Based on the solution architecture outcomes, we will suggest which systems to trust for the biggest impact, always keeping in mind your internal team, customers, business processes and budgets. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all solution! But we have tried and tested a lot of solutions to understand which tech really makes a difference. 

This could be hosting and DevOps, implementing customer data platforms, integrating content management systems and serverless-first approaches, connecting Salesforce, HubSpot or Microsoft platforms, supporting content migrations or fixing front-end issues. We like to work closely together with you to make sure the tech fits your business needs.