User interface design

User interface design

Learn about the different aspects of UI design and how your business can benefit from a design system.


How can Honest Fox help with UI design?

Producing digital creative assets, a new website or updating corporate identity – our UI designers can do many great things. Including delivering a UI that works just as good as it looks. Using various design tools (Team Figma!), we take on user interface design for many different digital products, including websites, apps, social media, marketing collateral and more.

We support businesses by creating a clear digital design direction and high fidelity prototypes, meaning our designers create assets that show every detail and functionality in action. So you know what the final product looks like, before getting into the building process. 

We tackle design things as part of a bigger picture and not just provide you with the next batch of images or a set of resized logos that have no deeper context, strategy or purpose. When we welcome new clients, we go through a discovery phase where we identify what the business needs, explaining why you need it and suggesting in what way we can create an improved design with impactful results. 

At Honest Fox we specialise in creating digital design systems that include corporate identity as well as design guidelines and specifications that can be followed by anyone in your team.

In a nutshell: what is a design system?

A design system is the source of truth for digital designers, developers and product owners. It’s not only a style guide that includes brand colours, fonts and more, but it also includes a guide on how to use your digital components, design and code resources, layouts, animations and more.

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Why do you need a design system?

Having a design system has a much bigger impact on your business than you might think at first. It helps to streamline your digital goals, workflows and team efficiency by saving time, costs and wasted designs. A design system ensures your design outputs are high-quality and reusable and – most importantly – creates a well considered, consistent brand experience for your audience, time and time again.

So, can Honest Fox create design systems?

Absolutely – that’s what our UI designers specialise in. We create high-quality design systems to help your team become design champions. Design systems usually include three key components but can be expanded or customised to your needs.

  • Style guide
    Defining brand colours, fonts, trademarks, logos, layouts and any other visual aspects your business needs. By the way: this can also include a content guide to nail your tone of voice and define a clear writing style.

  • Component library
    Creating a collection of reusable UI elements and directions on how to use them across your website or other platforms. Think of it as a design centre where your teams can find all the info they need to progress faster with their workflows and tasks at hand.

  • Pattern library
    Building patterns that provide stable solutions for design problems. This works by defining and annotating your user interface patterns so teams can pick them up when building or adding to digital products. It’s a bit like having a set of specific lego pieces that can be stacked onto each other however you need.

We also support businesses by creating stronger corporate identities with clear digital design directions for how to stand out in your market through enhanced branding.