Help your marketing team to build an outstanding digital content experience with a visual and intuitive headless content management system.

How is Storyblok different?

Storyblok is a top-ranked agile content management system. It’s a headless CMS that gives your website more flexibility to work with dynamic components and content.

The clean and user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the CMS and keep an oversight of published and planned content for your digital experiences.

Use the visual editor to create and manage your content easily and build off your technology stack – Storyblok can integrate and extend with almost everything which makes it the perfect platform for omnichannel marketing.

Omnichannel with Storyblok – why does it matter?

Your website, social media, apps or email – omnichannel marketing is all about the customer experience you create on your different business platforms. With Storyblok you can publish content across all your channels and devices from one place.

If you are looking to turn your visitors into new customers, you need the right strategy and tools to create experiences that are different from your competitors. Having the option to personalise your content and build a unique customer journey is a huge benefit for your omnichannel activities.

Interested in a flexible top-ranked CMS?

When is Storyblok for you?

Consider Storyblok as an option if you want to empower your content creators to create and manage content in a CMS with lots of useful features that are scalable.

It should be easy for your internal marketing teams to handle the content on your website without having to rely on developers for every step. Storyblok’s visual editor gives you a real time live preview of any website changes first before the updates will be pushed to the public-facing site.

Use collaboration tools such as comments and discussions to make the publishing process faster while keeping your team in the loop. Storyblok also offers the option to set up custom workflows so you can plan the order of your drafted, reviewed and published content states. Another great feature are content blocks – by setting them up in advance, your team can simply reuse them for campaigns or new pages later.

In order to have the most flexible experience for your customers and your teams, you will need to spend some time setting up selected features and integrating your tech stack first. As a Storyblok partner, Honest Fox can plan, design and build your Storyblok implementation - tailoring the solution to your individual business needs.

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