Customer experience

Customer experience

Lead your audience on an impressive customer journey with the help of a distinctive customer experience strategy.

What is the difference between CX and UX?

We often come across people who use these two as interchangeable terms. But there is actually a big difference. In simple words: UX is part of CX. Customer experience looks at all the interactions someone has with your business and how they experience your company from the first contact throughout all of your multi-faceted touch points – online and offline. User experience concentrates on the end user and how they interact with a particular product or touchpoint, for example a website or application. 

How can you improve your customer experience?

First, picture the world through your customer’s eyes. Look at their overall experience from becoming aware of your business and its offering. Where do customers see your brand and how do they perceive it? 

To do good customer experience you must understand who your customers really are through their struggles and create a positive connection at every stage of their experience. Take the time to analyse their behaviour, listen to their feedback and keep an open mind and adapt your customer experience accordingly. Your customer’s experience is a huge part of your offering, point of differentiation and also has a positive impact on your internal structure – CX is definitely worth investing in. 

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Why is it worth investing in customer experience?

As a business, diving deeper into your customer experience should be at the top of your priority list. Investing in CX has gained a lot of recent industry interest but for an important reason: if you successfully implement a customer experience strategy, it generates higher customer satisfaction, customer retention, customer loyalty and increased revenue. The experience your target audience has with your business defines not only whether they become a customer but also their levels of happiness throughout the process and how likely they’ll be to recommend your business to others.

What CX methods does Honest Fox apply?

Our CX team is skillful in creating clear customer experience strategies that work. No matter the business context, we love to explore customer relationships with brands. Typically, we start a CX engagement with an audit of the current experience and gathering of customer research and data. We’ll review and evaluate their current experience through their lens and also the business and best practice lens. 

We then plan and prioritise based on business value to create a roadmap for how we’ll tackle the known customer experience opportunities. During this stage we also define how we’ll measure and test each opportunity. The next steps are to design, build, and test. We do this in an ongoing testing cycle that helps us to control learnings and make impactful iterations and updates that can be built upon. Our CX program is designed specifically to give your businesses an advantage over your competitors by better connecting with and servicing your customers.