Lifestyle Communities
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Lifestyle Communities

Helping homeowners to downsize their house for a bigger lifestyle.







Organic traffic


The challenge

Admiring how Lifestyle Communities is making retirement life more exciting for the elderly Australian community, we got straight to work to support their ambition to spread the word in Victoria's neighbourhoods and beyond. With a brand uplift and lead generation as the main goal, we formulated a digital strategy for a more effective and efficient customer journey.

“Our partnership with Honest Fox has allowed Lifestyle Communities to take an enormous evolutionary step in terms of our digital performance. We have seen a very strong improvement across all of our metrics, but most importantly we enjoy an incredibly close relationship and see Honest Fox as an extension of our team. Nothing is too much, the communication and systems the Honest Fox team use are world class and we are excited about a long partnership ahead.”

Adrian Prokopiec

Digital Marketing Manager, Lifestyle Communities

A few highlights

Many phone screens showing various pages of Lifestyle Communities' website on mobile
A styleguide detailing the colours used across the Liftestyle Communities website
A styleguide detailing the fonts used across the Liftestyle Communities website

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What we did

After scoping the audience and mapping out their journey, we found several spots that were obstacles for prospective customers. So we rolled up our sleeves, redesigned and rebuilt the website, worked on a Salesforce integration, optimised landing pages, the referral form and alongside all that increased the overall site speed. With a more focused structure, booking appointments via the website became simpler and quicker, saving their sales team a load of time to focus on what's important.

To top it all off, we produce ongoing exciting content pieces that put Lifestyle Communities in a great position in SEO rankings. Taking big steps to become the number one in the downsizing community!